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Some types of Western Javanna batiks that refresh the eyes!

Western Javana batik is an indispensable culture of Indonesia. As no, it is already recognized as the cultural heritage of the world. There is no doubt that batik is able to bring the fragrant name of Indonesia to the world stage. For those of you who are not familiar with batik. A batik is a work of art written on fabric.

It has such great value, because every piece  has meaning. So it’s not just done by prioritizing the trend model. It already has its own brand, which can be used far ahead. But young people have now begun toforget about this by wearing famous distribution clothes.

The fading of this culture is a devastating blow that needs to be overcome. The mentality of Indonesians is still low, so it is easy to provoke it with outsiders. Although he doesn’t want to wear batik, but if Malaysia accepts it, many people are angry, including you, right? The bottom line is that it protects the culture from pretensions as much as possible.

One of the forms to keep it on is to keep it turned on. Especially the inhabitants of J abar, where there are many  species of Western Java batik. You can wear it on official or unofficial occasions. Now there are many models of batik clothes that can be combined with modern flavors. So it doesn’t necessarily seem old-fashioned.

For those of you who are interested in the variety of options. We have some links with eye-refreshing nuances. In fact, there are many options, but We will list those that refresh the eyes. This is because when wearing it, the wearer can be in the spotlight, as it attracts the eye or is pleasing to the eye.

Megamendung Batik Characteristic of Western Java

For the newlyweds who are going to conduct the wedding. Most parents will buy this type of batik . Gives meaning to fertility and gives life. Megamendung west java batik looks colorful with bright nuances. Such as red, blue, yellow, green, even pink. The origin of this motif is from cirebon in the central area.

The territories of the production centers are trusmi villages, districts, pleedas and cirebon regencies. So what isthe motive? Matches the color with the whole color. Of course, the motives will not go far. It is believed that this was done primarily in the territory near the ocean. The life-giving meaning is symbolized by the clouds of the sea that carry rain.

This meaning is very apt to describe the giver of life. Rain can give life to many organisms. Not only people, but also other small organisms. so don’t be surprised if there’s a cloud motif with rain wraps. Due to the color of the collorfull with such a motif, it clearly depicts a peaceful life.

With such a motive, the price on the market is definitely not too expensive. It can be bought at the lowest price – 20 thousand. It depends on the quality of the fabric and the complexity of the motive. But for ordinary people 20 thousand. Wearing it during official events is a great option.

In the Batik Cajami district of Western Javana

For this type of Western Javana baguette, this one presents several motifs at once. In fact, there are many, but the most popular options are from the kingdom of Galuh. One of the victorious kingdoms in those days. For popular motifs, it consists of shark stones, galuh pakuan and ciung wanara.

Of course,you often hear ciung wanara if you visit the Bandung district and around it. This motive is based on the history of the struggle for power derah ciamis. The king of Ciung wanara tried to make power one of the most influential kings. Meanwhile, the galuh pakuan was taken from the king’s dagger.

More precisely, the king of Galuh during the reign of the Kingdom of Cajami of that time. Because the shark stone motif is taken from a holiday in derah Pangandaran. Holiday area, which isthe same yik stop. Evokes eccentric motives, but still has a deep meaning. In addition, there are motives for assimilating yogis and solo people.

This motif is almost exactly the same as in his diasale. Calm impression with shades of white chocolate or dark chocolate. Wakes up the distinctive features that emanate from it. As a rule, the price of cajami batik is still quite affordable. From tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the quality of production.

Western Java Batik cianjur area

According to the region, Cianjur is a special agrarian area. The reasons given are certainly the nuances of agriculture. For the first time since the colonial era, many Indonesians at that time used it. If you look deeper, the motives presented are inspired by agriculture. The yellow-green color with rice grains is a clear proof of this.

With such a motive, the selling price is not too expensive. You can easily get it offline and even on online marketplaces. Now there are many batik sellers who sell their products on the Internet. At a price that will not be up to hundreds of thousands. You can buy at once in dozens or even at parties.

Delve into one of the most popular batiks of Western Javana . In fact, four motifs are given, namely the heavy kecapi, cross-pencak, padi and hayam pelung. The rice motif really tells about its agricultural territory, and the harp tells about the state of the village.

Then for martial arts, this reflects hereditary culture. With this feature, she really distinguishes her from other regions. There is also a haystack pelung, which tells about chickens from cianjur. An option that will refresh the eyes if you are bored with the usual options. Especially for the people of Central and Eastern Java.

In the batik indramayu district of Western JavanaIn the batik indramayu district of Western Javana

The fourth type, which canrefresh the eyes, is indramayu, which isone of the regions of western Java, close to nature. The creation of artisans there inspired a lot of plants and hewan. For  interesting motives, it is in great demand. The color pattern is also fresh, as it uses a combination of natural fresh colors.

The artisans there were inspired by the way nature came together. Both humans, animals and plants can unite in the ecosystem. These relationships can be interpreted more broadly. So it’s not just ecosystem-based, it’s smaller relationships. Basically, the motives of the indramayu area suggest that life should be more harmonious.

It does not matter whether from the family, society, countryside, urban and even the country. The emergence of a sense of separatism and the giving importance to the group can be the result of many societies forgetting about culture. Culture is a relic full of philosophy. So if you do not evaluate, in the end there will be a bad effect on many people.

The selling price of this motive is classified as more expensive. With a pronounced mixture of many aspects. This will certainly give the impression of elegant luxury. You can buy it online and offline. But nowadays, the Internet is much cheaper. Can save more costs without buying other things.

The minimum purchase price is 50 thousand. It depends on the supplier and the materials used. The work is longer with more complex motives. This will certainly increase the selling price. If you are interested, because it gives the eyes a refreshing motif. Try to wear it on special occasions, even officially highly recommended.

How do you still need so many other reviews? So far, only four types of motives for this writing. Its popularity and beauty in sight. Include it in the recommendations, even if the selling price is not too high. Nevertheless, this batik of Western Javana gives a deeper meaning to life.

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