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ໃຊ້ Akulaku To Whatsapp  Call Center for Customer Complaints

Akulaku, a time when quality financial providers have passed around the world, will certainly provide Akulaku call centers  where customers can contact when they are in trouble or want to send complaints.The goal is that Akulaku can always connect with its customers correctly and remain transparent.

Akulaku allows you to perform online shopping activities using credit  services.In fact, you can also shop in installments and make a very flexible loan.Therefore, Akulaku’s presence  here aims to facilitate the lives of customers in various transactions.

Some of the facilities akulaku provides include buying credit, then the purchase of internet quotas and data packages, charging BPJS, PDAM, and PLN, and even buying tickets.All payment and purchase activities can be made in credit, and you can also make loans.

Unfortunately, in services from Akulaku, of course not all customers feel satisfied.For this reason, Akulaku  provides various Akulaku  call center   channels so that customers can contact their parties at any time freely.Here are some ways customers can send requests and questions through the call center.

Convey your complaint through customer service

One of the channels you can  contact to send questions or to get information is to contact Akulaku’s customer  service. You can access this  CS  service  without restrictions, which is 24 hours. Not only that, but can’t accept free calls as well.

If you want to contact Akulaku staff  through this method, you can contact through the Akulaku call center 1500920.Through this number, you can send all questions and requests related to the installation and credit in Akulaku.   You can also pass on other obstacles.

How to file complaints and customer inquiries is considered more effective through this call center. Because in addition to the services running for 24 hours, through this CS you will also connect directly to Akulaku  employees who have the ability and knowledge to help solve your problemquickly.

While it’s not as easy as a live conversation, the Akulaku call center  can provide clear and direct answers to customers so that customers don’t have to be confused to be resolved in every obstacle facing.Customers can ask questions freely as long as they comply with the filing process.

Also try using the complaint suing service via Email

In addition to being able to send Akulaku-related requests and questions  through a call center, you can also do so through other websites or social media.One of the most commonly used social media to send complaints is via Akulaku’s official email address.Here,   You can easily express what you want to convey.

The email address you will be in cs.id@Akulaku.com. This method has been a common method of communication.  You just have to create a normal email with the headline “Complaint” or “Questions about….” And start writing in the body of an email with what you want to pass on to Akulaku.

Unfortunately, there are shortages in this channel if you want to use it as a neutral for filing a complaint or sending a question. Unlike the Akulaku call  center  , which tends to respond quickly, via email you will take a while to get a response from Akulaku’s employeeor or employee.

This is because emails are not medium-sized open at the market compared to call centers, so there is a possibility that it will take some time. Even if you get a response, employees typically direct you to the CS department or other social media to get a quicker response.

Whatsapp is a Complaint Media yang Easy dan Simple

There is also another easier and easier medium to use to ask questions and complaints channels in addition to the Akulaku call center  and email, that is WhatsApp. As a very popular messaging medium, WhatsApp is definitely a friend for almost everyone in the world to exchange messages and information.

Therefore, Akulaku also takes advantage of this media’s popularity to be able to connect with its customers quickly and freely.Even if you use WhatsApp media, the messages you send are not fully answered by chatbot  Akulaku.Through using this method, you can still directly contact employees from Akulaku.’

Like using  the Akulaku call center, through WhatsApp you can also freely express your various questions and complaints through this live chat.   You just have to send a conversation to what you want to convey clearly. Don’t forget to include evidence of a complaint so that immediate action can be taken.

In filing a complaint, make sure you use clear, confusing, easy-to-understand language, and don’t use incomprehensible language.Clear language will make Akulaku employees understand natural problems more easily and immediately find the solution you want.Be patient waiting for the response of Akulaku employees.

The number of WhatsApp connections that can be contacted is in the number of 081113508161. To get an answer from the Akulaku side, you have to be patient because it takes a while.  Make sure you ask questions using language that is easy for employees to understand.

Come to Akulaku’s officedirectly a gar Clearer

The last option that can be made if you have many important questions or complaints you want to send is directly to akulaku’s office.Using   the Akulaku or WhatsApp call center is free, but it takes time to get responses and solve experienced problems.

If you want a quick and clear response, you can come to the office immediately and talk to the authorities there. Unfortunately, this may sound a little difficult. Visiting  the Akulaku office  can only be done for customers living in the Jabodetabek area, as the distance is still cheap.

Unlike customers away from the border, it will certainly be difficult. Not to mention any further necessary costs. For this reason, it is recommended that customers take advantage of the media provided by Akulaku earlier to make sending questions and complaints and your problems easier.

You can also take advantage of the help center found in the Akulaku application. Here, you can give you any answers you want. The first step to take is to download the Akulaku application  on  your  phone  and enter the application. Find the answer image and you can send the answer.

It’s very easy to be able to contact Akulaku even if he doesn’t go directly to Akulaku’s office.Along side with the development of technology, everything can be done online or over the phone.Although there is currently no longer a different channel other than WhatsApp, Akulaku can also meet the needs of customers who need solutions.

If you want to contact Akulaku, you just have to choose whether to use a call center, through a live chat on WhatsApp, or through a text message sent via official email.  All the methods you can try depend on your own convenience, including  a very efficient Akulaku call center.